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PSLA provides extensive training and education to both resident and non-resident surplus lines licensees. Training and education materials include:

The pre-recorded training tutorials are listed below. The tutorials without a URL link are being developed.

No. Training Tutorial Topic Duration
1 PSLA Surplus Lines Overview and the Non-admitted and Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA) 8 Minutes
2 Obtain a Surplus Lines License and a PSLA Customer ID 7 minutes
3 Agency Administration Overview 7 minutes
4 Affidavit Filing Types and 1609 Producer Affidavit 13 minutes
5 Original Filing 10 minutes
6 Filing Return and Filing Discrepancies 7 minutes
7 Endorsements, Cancellations, Inactivations, Reinstatements 7 minutes
8 1620 Monthly Report 8 minutes
9 RCT-123 Annual Tax Report 8 minutes
10 Reconciliation of the RCT-123 Annual Tax Report and 1620 Monthly Reports 4 minutes


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