New Licensees

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New Licensee Overview

Below is an overview of the Surplus Lines process

  1. An insurance agency/agent must obtain a resident or nonresident Surplus Lines License from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID).  See Obtain a SL License for information on how to obtain a license.
  2. PID provides an updated list of Surplus Lines Licensees to PSLA.
  3. PSLA mails a Questionnaire to new Surplus Lines Licensees to determine if the licensee is working as an independent agent or for an agency.
  4. The new licensee must return a completed copy of the Questionnaire to PSLA.  If the licensee is an independent agent, the licensee must also return a completed Electronic Filing System (EFS) Enrollment Application.
  5. Based on the completed Questionnaire, PSLA will either assign the licensee to an existing PSLA Customer ID or create a new Customer ID and send the licensee a Welcome email. Each agency location must have a unique Customer ID. Refer to Obtain a Customer ID for more information.
  6. The new licensee attends a Procedures and EFS Training Workshop to learn how to electronically submit information to PSLA.
  7. After the licensee has been trained on EFS and has an EFS Login ID, the licensee is ready to submit information to PSLA.
  8. The licensee must electronically submit the following information to PSLA.
    • Original Filings (within 45 days of the Policy Effective Date)
    • Endorsements
    • 1620 Monthly Reports (within 30 days after the end of each month)
    • A copy of the RCT-123 Annual Tax Report (within 30 days after the end of each calendar year)
  9. PSLA reviews the submitted data. See Filing Overview for more information.
  10. There is a stamping fee payable to PSLA for each Original Filing.  PSLA will notify each Customer ID when the monthly Statement of Account is available on EFS.  See Stamping Fee Overview for information.
  11. Customers mail a remittance copy of the statement along with a check to PSLA.