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Each electronic filing must be categorized in two ways – by “Kind” of insurance and by “Class” of operation. PSLA provides premium reports to PID sub-totaled by “Kind” and “Class”. PID uses the information to maintain the Export List. Refer to The Pennsylvania Code, Section 124.6. Export List coverages, for details. In summary:

(a) The Commissioner may create and maintain an export list of insurance coverages for which the full amount or kind of insurance cannot be obtained from admitted insurers.

(b) The diligent search requirement of section 1604(2)(i) of the act and the reporting requirements of section 1609(a) of the act (40 P. S. § 991.1609(a)) do not apply to the placement of an insurance coverage which appears on the export list.

(c) Within 45-calendar days after the placement of an insurance coverage which appears on the most recent export list published by the Commissioner, the surplus lines licensee shall file with the Department or its designee a copy of the declaration page of the policy, cover note, binder or other evidence of insurance delivered by the surplus lines licensee in accordance with section 1612(a) of the

The categories for Kinds and Classes are below. The column titled “Export” denotes whether it is on PID's Export List.

  • Kinds (also known as Type of Coverage) - The "Kind" of insurance identifies the type of property or casualty coverage. Examples include: Aircraft Liability, Aircraft Physical Damage (Hull/Cargo), Asbestos Abatement Liability....
  • Classes (also known as Description of Insured’s Operation) - The "Class" of operations describes the insured's business operation that is being insured. Examples include: Airports, Amusement Parks, Automotive - Dealer....

Please contact AgencyServices@pasla.org if you have questions on the "Kind" of insurance coverage or the "Class" of insured's business operation.