Electronic Filing

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Electronic Filing Overview


Electronic Filing Prerequisites

Electronic Filing Requirements

Once a licensee begins procuring coverage within the Surplus Lines market, there are six basic steps the Licensee must follow in order to adhere to the Filing Requirements.  Refer to the Procedures Manual for detailed instructions.

  1. Submit the original Filing through EFS (due within 45 days of the Policy Effective Date)
  2. Submit the required Endorsements to the original Filing through EFS
  3. Adhere to Filing Return guidelines
  4. Remit Stamping Fees after reviewing your on line monthly Statement of Account
  5. Submit your 1620 Monthly Report (due within 30 days following the end of each month)
  6. Submit a COPY of your RCT-123 Annual Tax Form (due by January 31st after the end of each calendar year). The original is due to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue by January 31st as well.

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XML Import

The XML Import function enables an agency's computer systems to programmatically submit Original Filings via an XML text file.  Refer to the XML Import page for details.