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EFS New Features

Refer to the Procedures and Electronic Filing User Manual for a complete description of the PSLA Electronic Filing System (EFS), the on-line help system for specific information, the frequently asked questions for general information, and the new features frequently asked questions for additional information on new features. Below is an overview of new features.

BOR Form: This form should only be used to report a mid-term Broker of Record transaction. In most cases a transfer takes place at the expiration/renewal date of a policy and the “new” Licensee simply submits a new filing to PSLA with their Customer ID number. However, in the event the transfer takes place before the policy has expired, the new Licensee should submit the Broker of Record form in the Electronic Filing System. A stamping fee is not applied to the BOR form since a stamping fee was already charged on the original filing by the “former” Licensee. At the policy expiration/renewal date the “new” Licensee should submit a new filing to the Electronic Filing System.